I trained and certified to become a Life Coach with Dr. Martha Beck, best selling author, O Magazine columnist, and pioneer Life Coach.  Prior to my career as a Life Coach I worked as a Teacher, trained in Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Parenting.  My passion for helping others has always been at the forefront of each path I have taken, including Teacher, Mediator, Business Coach and Parenting Instructor.

What I love about being a Life Coach is helping people make small changes that have a profound and lasting impact on their lives.  Life Coaching ISN’T about having all the answers…  In fact, I believe that the only person who has the answers to your life is YOU!  You are equipped with everything necessary to live the life you always wanted.  My role is to use inquiry to guide you through programs, tools and techniques that will enable you to connect with your authentic self and begin living with intention.

At the center of your being you have the answers; you know who you are and you know what you want.
~Lao Tzu

Therapy vs.
Life Coaching

Therapy focuses on recovery from old wounds.
Life Coaching focuses on evolving and moving forward toward joy and happiness.
Therapists are experts in medical sciences and diagnosing conditions.
Life Coaches are experts in developing their clients’ strengths, talents and potential.
Therapy is geared towards clients in crisis, pain and suffering.
Life Coaching is for individuals who have accepted their past, have taken responsibility for their lives and are ready to move fully into their future.