For over 50 years, I had put everyone else first and I decided I wanted to change that….but with a purpose and plan.  Hannah has been my guide and inspiration on this journey. Because of her, my route is clearer and I am more focused on where I am …
Sally, Houston, TX

Hannah got double doses of all the best qualities a coach should have – wisdom, insight and an intuition that is dead on.  You’ll swear she’s been reading your diaries. She gets right to the heart of a matter, and does it with such kindness and caring that I always feel totally safe, even when discussing the most challenging topics.  She will help you uncover the mystery of yourself so you can have a more satisfying and joyful life – because that’s just what she’s done for me.  She’s amazing. 
Beth, Ann Arbor, MI

*Do you struggle with balancing work and family?

*Are you looking for more peace and confidence as a parent, partner, or person?

*Do you feel like your life is missing something?

*Would you like to learn how to alleviate stress and increase joy?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Life Coaching could help you!